Daisy has been busy this fashion week (ss14) & now we know why. She not only now fronts the new #AmericanEagle campaign but is also the new face of #Rodial skincare.

Watch her stun & smoulder in this short video

Check Daisy out in this moving and heartfelt new track from the swooning #SamSmith


Daisy's Playboy Cover REINTERPRETED by British Biro Artist James Mylne
for our Issue#3 Reverie Cover

Daisy Models for Dame Vivienne Westwood:

(...bound to happen!)

‘Fashion was never a plan. My mum always had lots of magazines lying around the house so I got into them at an early age, maybe 10 or 11. But I started getting into fashion because of Vivienne Westwood. My mum was such a massive fan and would always go and buy lots of things. I wasn’t really that interested in fashion until one day she came home with lots of big bags full of Vivienne Westwood clothes. Her dresses felt like playgrounds to me; you had to work out how to get in and out of them, and what tied where. That was my real introduction to fashion, really.

‘I’ve always idolised Vivienne. The first show of hers I walked in [for the SS11 collection] was my favourite. It was her return to London from Paris for her Red Label line. The energy of it was so great. Lovely Terry [Barber] from MAC had done a beautiful job with the make-up, but at the end Vivienne just ran out, dipped her fingers in purple eye shadow and rubbed it on my face. Then I was told that I would be wearing the shortest dress in the show because the stylist knew that I was the only person who would have the balls to pull it down while walking the catwalk.

‘I get so scared before I walk in a show but you get lost in the moment when you are doing it and when it’s over you think, “I want to do it again!” I always love going to Christopher Kane and Roksanda Ilincic’s shows at London fashion week and I like seeing what Marc Jacobs does, too. I love Dolce & Gabbana because it’s so feminine and beautiful.’

‘My clothes allow you to project your personality. They are quite theatrical in the sense that they are real clothes, well designed, and they give you a chance to express yourself.

‘What really touches me is the woman who is chic, she knows herself, doesn’t buy into mass marketing or publicity but takes the trouble to look good and shows off her best assets. I think that posture is the first asset; it comes from inside and is natural grace. This shows her to be generous yet discriminating and wishing to gain from her experience in life.’

Blown away by this latest shoot with D-Money!

What are YOU doing for Earth Hour on Saturday, 23 March, when people around the world are encouraged to turn off their lights for one hour, to show they care about the future of our planet?

Daisy Lowe has a flower painted on her eye growing from cracked earth on her shoulders, for Earth Hour, by Rankin

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High and Lowe: Daisy Lowe GUARDIAN fashion shoot - in pictures. Daisy Lowe models the season's essential
high-street looks, from the knitted polo and the jumpsuit to the skirt and the spring coat

Photographs: Jon Gorrigan. Styling: Priscilla Kwateng
The Guardian, Friday 15 February 2013 16.30 GMT

The spring cardigan
Cardigan, £72,
Photograph: Jon Gorrigan

The skirt
Skirt, £35, Jumper, £30, Shoes, £195,
Photograph: Jon Gorrigan

The jumpsuit
Jumpsuit, £55,

The knitted polo
Top, £54,

The spring coat
Coat, £150, Skirt, £199, by Autograph,

The summer dress
Dress, £120.00, by

The trouser suit
Blazer, £52, and trousers, £43, both Shoes, £250,

Jumpsuit (as before), £55,

No, Thank You John
by Christina Georgina Rossetti

I never said I loved you, John:
Why will you tease me day by day,
And wax a weariness to think upon
With always "do" and "pray"?

You Know I never loved you, John;
No fault of mine made me your toast:
Why will you haunt me with a face as wan
As shows an hour-old ghost?

I dare say Meg or Moll would take
Pity upon you, if you'd ask:
And pray don't remain single for my sake
Who can't perform the task.

I have no heart?-Perhaps I have not;
But then you're mad to take offence
That don't give you what I have not got:
Use your common sense.

Let bygones be bygones:
Don't call me false, who owed not to be true:
I'd rather answer "No" to fifty Johns
Than answer "Yes" to you.

Let's mar our plesant days no more,
Song-birds of passage, days of youth:
Catch at today, forget the days before:
I'll wink at your untruth.

Let us strike hands as hearty friends;
No more, no less; and friendship's good:
Only don't keep in veiw ulterior ends, And points not understood

In open treaty. Rise above
Quibbles and shuffling off and on:
Here's friendship for you if you like; but love,-
No, thank you, John.

Daisy does Diet Coke X Jean-Paul Gautier: WOW MUCH!

Making her BIG SCREEN Debut: Daisy doesn't do things in halves: this portrait of a troubled young girl is shot entirely within one flat, with co-star Alfie Allen.
Nominated for Best British feature film at the Raindance this year, we haven't even seen it yet, but Confine definitely gets our vote!

You can see the film TODAY OCT 1st, at the Apollo Cinema at Picdilly Circus 15.45pm. Tickets £5

and if you miss it, we'll have a review up before the end of the day!

Daisy Lowe by Rankin for Dazed Korea

With someone as beautiful and talented as Daisy Lowe, regularly contributing to Love is the Law, we decided there should be a space online where we can simply celebrate all the wonderful things Daisy does

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