Esquire Joseph Reuben is more than the most dulcet voice you ever heard, he is greater than the sum of all his many wonderful parts, he has never existed in any shadow, despite the towering talents of his immediate coterie.

In all honesty this page is well overdue. We've known Joe as long as the magazine has been around...we met with eccentric and monumentally gifted brother David, whose art you will find among our pages...Joe is ever the meek and unassuming one in any situation, but his talent dwarfs his meekness. When you hear his music, Angels stoop to listen.

He is, closer to a genius than anyone we know and here we celebrate his work and prepare you for his upcoming performances. We give you the maestro that is Joseph Reuben.

The latest of his reworked project releases:

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and heres our LITL contribution to his sparse online offerings...